I have always been in love with the idea of a turntable.  The nonchalant coolness of playing records, when you grew up in the cd era, is utterly fascinating.  It's always protrayed as such a cool collection to have, records.  The hisory of all the bands and the hardcore people that know everything about records.

The problem with this old school way of playing music, is just that, it's old school, and getting harder and harder to find.  While browsing Urban Outfitters I came across a turntable (that's also a radio, a plus for practicality, right?) that made all my former aspirations of owning a turntable and record collection came flooding back.

So, someday, I may look to Ebay for records and a sweet turntable.  Kudos to records and the fact that mp3s can never replace the innate coolness of records.

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