Happy Friday!

I hope you all have a great weekend.  I'm so excited for my niece's 2nd birthday party on Sunday!

P.S. Aren't these cupcakes adorable?  I love frosting tips.


Yumi Kim

I love the vintage prints and loose silhouettes of Yumi Kim's line.  Such an effortless beauty.


Travel List: Cape Town

There is something so unique about South Africa and Cape Town.  It not only has an incredibly beautiful coastline, but Table Mountain is also smack in the middle.  The history of the country is astounding and the mix of architecture, from the brightly painted fa├žades of the Bo-Kaap to the Victorian bathing chalets, make Cape Town an eye-catching city that I want to experience.


Trina Turk

I love the sweetness of Trina Turk's summer 2011 collection.  Perfect for a poolside cocktail.



Interior of the Week

I love this quirky design (Single Malt Nouveau) from Emily Henderson's show on HGTV.  Okay, actually I'm obsessed with this room, I keep coming across pictures of it from different angles and it always looks amazing.  (Here is a link to Emily's blog about creating this room.)

Everything from the pops of color, the gorgeous wallpaper, the artwork, the lighting, and the mix of furniture is so eclectic and intriguing.  This room is just so lovely...

It also helps that she was designing for Joy of Oh Joy! who happens to have impeccable taste.


Happy Friday!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  I'll be doing homework... and shopping, naturally.

P.S. Such a sweet photo.


Flower Child

I am obsessed with these gorgeous shots by photographer Daniel Gurton for Vs. Magazine.  The ethereal 60s style and the plaited hair by hair and makeup artist Monica Gingold.  Love.

via Honestly... WTF.



I love Velour's design concept of feelgood preppy.  Their detailing is immaculate.


Mara Hoffman

I love swimsuits and tunics, even though I can count the number of times I go swimming each year on one hand.  Mara Hoffman has such unique prints. 

Now I just need to keep up with my 30 Day Shred, I'm on day 7.


Interior of the Week

This duvet from West Elm caught my eye initially, which is fitting because I found this room on Pinterest and it's actually a prop set from their website featuring... the duvet.

The dark blue wall is a beautiful contrast.


Happy Friday!

Here's to a relaxing weekend.  I'll be working on a little birthday surprise for my niece...

P.S. These updos are perfection.


Coupling UK Reruns

I've been watching Coupling for probably the third time.  It's insanely funny, including: the sock gap, the V.A.A., and the giggle loop...


Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot's new fall line showcases a beautiful modern-vintage aesthetic.


Interior of the Week

I love the coziness of this dining room in Chris Barrett's southern California bungalow.


Bubbled Beverage Dispenser

Ah, summer: iced tea, lemonade, iced coffee and sangria...  What else could I ask for?
Here is a lovely jar for serving a crowd:

P.S. I really want to try Pioneer Woman's Perfect Iced Coffee recipe this summer.



TBA has a light, airy quality.  Perfect for summer time.