Koo de Ker finds

I went to Koo de Ker today in the trendy 9th and 9th area of Salt Lake City.  I was surprised at how friendly the boutique was and that it had a good mix of the more expensive and the good deals.

Here are my two clearance shirts.


Fleur de Lis

I have always loved the fleur de lis. Recently I have linked this to always wanting to be a Boy Scout. I found some adorable fleur de lis earrings at Nordstrom Rack and being so smitten, I did an Etsy search and found these...


What makes it all better? Three Dog Night

I was having a lazy day and a little bummed, especially with my virus infested laptop.  So, I put on a Three Dog Night Album, It Ain't Easy and was instantly cheered up when the song Good Feeling 1957 came on.  This isn't the best video, but you get the idea...

Thrift Store Find

I checked out Second Hand Chic yesterday and came across this goblets, in a set of six.  They're my favorite shade of seafoam green and weren't too pricey.  Sorry for the bad lighting, my room gets terrible light.



Favorite Book Suggestions

I realize this is a long shot, since my blog is still in its infancy, but if anyone could give suggestions on their all-time favorite books, it would be much appreciated.  I'm working on an art project and I need books for inspiration. 

Thanks in advance (especially to my sister and mom, my only readers.)

Picture via http://www.artsjournal.com/bookdaddy/2008/07/



In my quest to fully decorate my imaginary future apartment, I have come across issues with flatware.  Issue 1: I have expensive taste, 2: I have a tight budget.  So... I figured I would post my two favorites anyways, because that's what random blogs are for.

Option 1: CB2 pattern 333 flatware
"Novel triangular profile is a perfect ergonomic fit."

Option 2: DWR Almoco Flatware
"The matte black finish is a conversation starter."
(Found through Ez's adorable Creature Comforts blog)

Dream Bed

As I imagine my future apartment, I can't help but add up the cost of all the things on my wishlist.  But, for fun I decided to map out my dream bed.  From the bed frame to the comforter...

Silhouette Bedframe - Brocade Home $399

The AdvantageBed - Tempur-Pedic $1,699

Total Cost:  $2,637.50

So, yeah, basically ridiculous, but the bed frame is just a thought, the mattress a dream, the sheets beyond insane, and the comforter would be similar, but on sale.

But hey, a girl can dream...


Stumble Upon

My friend Charlotte told me about this website, Stumble Upon, and then that night I was randomly looking at blogs and found the website, it finds random websites that are supposed to match your interests.  So I filled out the checklist and this video, The Charleston To Daft Punk, popped up.  Too funny.


Cheeky Blog Poaching

My favorite blog, Kate's For Me, For You, always makes me happy.  I'm so addicted that I've been looking though the archives and these are two things that caught my eye.  This cheeky silhouette print on The Bazaarium and this adorable doormat that is ridiculously clever.



Over the break I experimented with making some cocktails with my mom.  We made cosmopolitans, frozen margaritas, daiquiris, and gimlets.  While making these drinks we thought of how handy some of these tools would have been.  It's definitely a science and an art to make a good drink, but I'll keep trying.

Free People and Staring Babies

I have been getting more into prints and color lately, if nothing else, it's just funny to see my baby niece Julia stare in wonder.  I think this Free People shirt would do the trick nicely.

Interior Inspiration: Retro Kitchen Sets

I am so in love with retro dining sets.  I'll be keeping a look out at the thrift and consignment stores...