This Dress, these Shoes, and this Song...

Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Flutter Stripe Dress via Shopbop
Shoes: Lucky Penny, Marisol Wingtips via Anthropologie
Song: Grand Funk Railroad, We're an American Band



I finally took a knitting class at Blazing Needles.  My mom went to the class with me, we only learned how to cast on and knit, we're supposed to learn how to purl next time.

Here's my progress with knitting.  It's always so exciting to learn something new.


"Architectural" Clothes

I hate when people use the term architecture for clothing.  It feels so forced and arbitrary, not to mention inaccurate.  This Brian Reyes dress, which I love, is what I guess would fit the term "architectural," with pleats and structure mixed with the fluidity.  But I still dislike the term.


Good Job Chaz

I was just browsing blogs and came across this terrarium footstool on etsy.  My cousin Chaz bought a similar one at a thrift store a few months ago.

They're listing it for $245!  I knew Chaz had a knack for finding things, but wow.


I love how the yellow pops against the black, but I don't know if I'm daring enough to attempt black walls...

via design is mine


Meet My Imaginary Dog: Bob

I don't plan on getting a dog anytime soon, but after doing useless research, I have decided my new imaginary dog is a schnoodle named Bob.

Here is a visual for you, since you probably can't properly imagine my new imaginary dog Bob.

I know, he's too adorable for words...


Maps as Decor

I love the use of maps as decoration.  It would make a really great headboard, using maps of where you've been or want to go.



Pics via Design*Sponge and not sure probably Apartment Therapy