Boyfriend Blazer

I keep looking for a decent blazer, one that is good quality but also not too outrageously priced.  Express is the store I look to for jeans and cute tops, so when I saw that Rachel Bilson had this blazer, it made me look again.
I'm still a little unsure of the sleeve length, but it's the best I've found so far... and the search continues.


I've always heard people talk about Aldo and after looking at Jimmy Choo's, Manolo Blahnik's, Christian Louboutin heels, these prices actually look reasonable.  So, surfing their page a few things caught my eye.  I am a little concerned about the sizes, no half sizes?  I guess next time I go to the mall, I'll have to drop by Aldo and try on some expensive, yet inexpensive comparatively, heels.

Ballet Conditioning

I never really wanted to be a ballerina.  But, lately I've really been loving the ballerina style and fascinated by the idea of ballet as exercise to get a ballerina body.  I found this work-out DVD and I find it to be an interesting approach to toning and becoming more graceful in general.  So, sign me up for anything ballerina related and I can't wait to buy tutus for my nieces.



Color Block

There is something timeless to me about colorblock dresses; they always seem to be around, reinvented every few years.  This one from Anthropologie is "new" in the color combination of the blue, gray, and the pop of orange.  All newer colors of the season.  It also incorporates the trend of the season, ruffles.  I think it just looks so effortless and easy to wear.


Too F*ing Cool

I'm poaching this from another blog, the one that inspired this blog in fact: Modern Urban Style.  I am so in love with these profane shirts.  They are so adorable with embroidery and then the insanity of wearing the F word next to sweet flowers.  It's so incredibly awesome.  But, of course, my favorite designs (the slightly feminist anti-sweetheart and the cute birds on a kimono type t-shirt) are sold out, so alas I have to wait.


Black Pepper

I saw this a few years ago in a Lucky magazine.  I have wanted it ever since, it's a black pepper men's body wash from Molton Brown.  It sounds so good and manly, but also delicious and fascinatingly different.  I can't wait to go to a store that actually sells it because I'm too cheap to pay $28 and the shipping.


My Love for "Cheeky"

I seem to have a weakness for things that are "cheeky."  Oxymorons, contraditions, things that make fun of themselves just seem to make me smile, better yet smirk, at the many crazy, bizarre things people buy.

Again, on the fantastic Areaware I found the cheekiest candles ever, designed by Harry Allen.  I don't even like or use candles, but I was so close to buying these.  So freakin' cheeky, therefore I'm in love. ;)


I have always been in love with the idea of a turntable.  The nonchalant coolness of playing records, when you grew up in the cd era, is utterly fascinating.  It's always protrayed as such a cool collection to have, records.  The hisory of all the bands and the hardcore people that know everything about records.

The problem with this old school way of playing music, is just that, it's old school, and getting harder and harder to find.  While browsing Urban Outfitters I came across a turntable (that's also a radio, a plus for practicality, right?) that made all my former aspirations of owning a turntable and record collection came flooding back.

So, someday, I may look to Ebay for records and a sweet turntable.  Kudos to records and the fact that mp3s can never replace the innate coolness of records.


Wedding... again

Another facet of my ideal wedding would be the veil.  I've always dreamed of a long dramatic lace veil or a simple, vintage-appealing birdcage veil.  I stumbled across this website where a woman, Dorene, custom makes birdcage veils; the bride helps customize the shape, color, length, everything.

Side note: my ideal wedding also includes the vows that Ross and Emily took in their wedding on the fourth season finale of Friends, I transcribed them if anyone cares... ;) 

Some of my favorite veils:

Apartment Tours

Apartment Therapy is this really cool website where you can tour apartments in LA, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, DC, or Boston.  Very interesting to see different ways to combine pictures on a wall or create a mix of dining chairs.



Kiel Mead

I'm not really that huge on jewelery, but when I saw Kiel Mead's drill bit necklace on Areaware I literally couldn't resist it, so my most valuable piece of jewelery is a cheeky power tool related necklace. How cool is that? I also have these other pieces on my wish list, if only...

Bustled Shower Curtain

This shower curtain is too adorable, it's bustled like a fantastic dress, the problem being the price of over $100. Because of this minor detail my mind has wandered to sewing again, and I'm formulating the pattern as of now...

My Imaginary Apartment

I'm planning, or wishing, to move to my own apartment this next summer, no more roommates! So, until then I will be mentally decorating my apartment over and over again... These candle holders from Crate and Barrel are so gorgeous and timeless, if only I had a place to decorate.

My Current Wedding Dress

As a girl that loves dresses, that's also obsessed with Say Yes to the Dress on TLC, I tend to pick out wedding dresses even though I'm not even close to getting married.

My current favorite is by Pattis. It has tulle galore and looks completely delectable. I'm so in love with it that I would forgo my ideal destination wedding to Puerto Rico, just to wear this dress in a fantastic ballroom.

Basic Premise

So, the basic idea of this blog is for me to document my ever growing wish list. I love finding cool things online and even if I don't buy them I always save pictures or links, so I figured that's what a blog is for, a catalog of sorts for my style and insights into myself and the world around me.