Update on Turntable

Well, my curiosity was finally surpassed by my tight budget. It all started with the DI, I had never noticed the records there, but under the VHS shelves there sat records, improperly laying stacked and horizontal begging to be saved. I sifted through the pile and found a few treasures, at least treasures to me... And how much were these treasures? 50 cents. How could I resist saving these poor mistreated vinyl records from the DI?

Problem being this has opened a giant can of worms, I now needed a turntable, accessories, and naturally more records. Well, I am now the proud owner of 39 records and have a Sony turntable, anti-static cloth, and record brush in the mail.

Oy, how costly it is to be cool...


Although it isn't currently summer, I was reminded of a former idea.  My ideal library, which my dream house would of course have.  I remember summers of jerry-rigging a hammock to the porch column and fence pole and reading books for hours in a hammock.  Thus the idea of a hammock in my library.  Built-in white bookcases filled with the classics and the series of my childhood (Anne of Green Gables, Wizard of Oz, Emily of New Moon, and so forth), a built in hammock, and maybe a bay window with a bench.

One of the sites I've come across over my years of web browsing is The Hunger Site.  Whatever you buy on the site, a portion of the cost goes to good causes, like hunger causes or literacy.  It's also really cool because they have authentic goods from other countries, so it's not generic crap from China, which is always a plus.

So, here's a hammock I found on The Hunger Site that reminded me of my dream library and started this rambling blog.



An ad for Modcloth always shows up on my facebook page.  It has so many cute dresses and tops it's hard to even pick a few favorites to highlight.  I've never bought anything from here so I can't vouch for quality, but they are totally adorable.




I tend to buy rings when I need a pick me up.  I bought a ring with two leaves to represent getting into the Architecture program and finishing my drawing class.  When my parents went to Mexico they brought me back a ring from the area.  Looking at these rings brings back memories and allows me to see what I've accomplished or that people love me.

I think these rings would be inspirational in their hippy-dippy aesthetic, maybe I'll buy them when I graduate for inspiration in succeeding outside of education.

Free People

I love the look of the brand Free People.  It never seems to look right when I try it on, but I still love the hippy aesthetic quality.

My hand hurts because I sanded my knuckle off today, so I'll write more later.