Vegetable Soup | Susie Middleton

Susie Middleton gave some great tips about creating a vegetable soup in the September issue of Vegetarian Times. This is a little bit late, since the recipe is for late summer minestrone, but the method is perfection. (Open the images in a new tab to make them bigger.)

via Vegetarian Times September 2013


Autumn Curls

Obsessed with these voluminous curls, wildly chic.

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November Resolutions

This year has been a blur, it's amazing that it is already November. It's best not to be too ambitious during the holiday season, but I did splurge today and order a Minolta 7s on Ebay. (That site gets me into trouble!) I'm also looking forward to my sister hosting Thanksgiving for the first time and helping with some of the sides and desserts.

Do you love the holidays or dread the extra festivities?

November Resolutions


Holga Camera: NYC Trip

I thought it would be fun to experiment with an analog camera again. I haven't used one since I was a kid and am already nostalgic in my mid 20's for pre-digital cameras. Actually having to put an effort into deciding the subject and counting down the exposures left on the roll, carefully loading and unloading the camera, and having the film developed.  Society has become so dependent on instant technology. It's incredible how fast times change, now when I take pictures of my nieces and nephews they immediately ask to see the pictures.

I finally developed my roll of 120 from my August trip to New York. I only took one picture at the US Open and then on my last night I walked from the UN to midtown chasing the light. Only about half of the roll turned out, but I can't wait to shoot my next roll.


Back to the Small Pond

I am not continuing with my custom domain stylemewhimsy.com this year, so it's back to having Blogspot in the url. That's life. . .

Hope you'll still follow my inspirations here and at Pinterest.