No. 6

I have a slight obsession with No. 6 clogs.  I'm not sure if getting a pair would cure it or make it worse. . .


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Travel List: Lisbon

Spain may get all the hype, but Portugal is a real gem on the Iberian peninsula.  There are gorgeous cities, amazing food, gorgeous beaches, and smaller crowds.  Lisbon is a great place to start, other places to explore might include Porto, Faro, and the Azores Islands, a chain of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.



MiH Jeans S/S 2012

I remember seeing this campaign awhile back, but I only recently realized that it was for MiH Jeans. They not only carry amazing jeans, but have amazing shirts and tees.


Interior of the Week

I love neutrals in bedroom, it is an easy way to create a relaxing space.  David Mitchell added interest to the room with a lovely mixture of patterns and textures.


Travel List: San Miguel de Allende

I've been thinking about San Miguel de Allende since I caught an episode of Rachael Ray visiting the city on her show.  It's a lovely city 4 hours north of Mexico City, famous for colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and incredible food.  It's no wonder expatriates have found their way to San Miguel since the 1930's.  It definitely looks like a city to explore and get delightfully lost.

San Miguel de Allende



Rennes is a lovely shop featuring bags and pouches drafted, cut, and sewn by Julia in Boston, MA.  They manage to retain their simplicity while incorporating beautiful details.


Interior of the Week

I love the simple charm of this room.  The orange tufted headboard, gold side lamps, and colorful bedding make a statement without overpowering the space.


On My Radar No. 15

It seems like all my summer fashion pins on Pinterest involve the simplicity of a dress and sandals.  I might have to follow my inspiration more often this summer.

I hope you have an adventurous weekend!

On My Radar No. 15


Gold Flatware

I just snagged this gold flatware on One Kings Lane.  Very snappy, indeed.  


Back to Basics: Biker Jacket

I love the cut of a biker jacket.  It adds dimension and movement to any outfit.  It also lends a certain toughness, which is indispensable for any wardrobe.

Ideas for a biker jacket:


Sun Hats

I've been eyeing sun hats for a while now.  I imagine myself sitting in the sun at tennis tournaments, gardening, or lounging on the beach somewhere warm.  Here are some hats at Urban Outfitters that might fit the bill.

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Interior of the Week

I love the warmth and ease of this summery space photographed by Lisa Hubbard.


On My Radar No. 14

Lately I've been loving bright prints and summer basics.  I would love a wide-brim hat for gardening and a pair of espadrilles for meandering.

Have a lovely weekend!

On My Radar No. 14


Farrah Sit on Etsy

Lovely porcelain hanging planters fashioned by Farrah Sit.

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Back to Basics: Slip Dress

There is no easier way to create impact than a slip dress and minimal accessories.  The perfect go-to summer outfit.  

Ideas for a slip dress:


Chair Roundup

I've discovered that I love chairs, too many kinds of chairs to all fit in one house.  It's amazing how the right chair can change the atmosphere of a space and add so much personality.

These are some of my favorite designs, mostly mid century modern with a touch of whimsy.  Do you have any favorite chair designs?



Interior of the Week

Here's to a relaxing, yet productive, week. . .


On My Radar No. 13

Now that I've graduated, yesterday, I can almost taste moving to Salt Lake City again and I am too excited to not look at home decor.

On My Radar No. 13


Quill & Fox on Etsy

The cards from Quill and Fox, based in Oregon, are beautifully drawn and incredibly sweet.

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Back to Basics: Blazer

It's an easy way to dress up any outfit and add polish.  Blazers are incredibly versatile and a great addition to any curated closet.  I just received a Zara blazer for my birthday and I love it.

Ideas for a basic blazer: