This is my new typewriter.  I'm now the proud owner of a Smith-Corona Electra 12, for only $6 at the DI.


Chelsea Crew Shoes

It's been a rough week.  I've been really busy at school, but here are some adorably 40's-like shoes, by Chelsea Crew.



Dream Wedding Ring

I think this St. Kilda would be the perfect wedding ring.  It's so sweet in its simplicity.

Via A Cup of Joe

Elephantine on Etsy

Elephantine is a collection of handmade jewelry that I found on Etsy.  I love the juxaposition of the different metals and the proportions are gorgeous in this "banquet" piece.


Pop Up Books

I'm pretty much in love with these whimsical pop up books.  Wouldn't that be a fun collection to have or just a cool book to put on your coffee table to entertain people with its awesomeness?

Of course, I found ABC-3D on For Me, For You, and naturally I don't remember which blog I found Popville.

Gotta Love the Radio

Life is funny sometimes.  I was walking to school listening to a 70's rock station on the radio and a song came on that I liked, so I memorized a line of the lyrics to look up; "Waiting for the break of day."  I get to school and look up the song, it turns out to be a Chicago song.  (I own 5 Chicago albums but I've never listened to them.)  So I get home to check if I own the Chicago II album, and low and behold I already own the album and now I can listen to 25 or 6 to 4 anytime I like.

Well, that story was longer than I anticipated, but you get the gist.  Sometimes things just work out.


Laura Carlin
found via Rifle