New York Trip Essentials

My taxi is arriving in less than an hour so I can catch the red-eye to New York City. I'll be ready to hit the town early Thursday morning. In preparing for my trip, here are a few things I thought might be helpful. You can follow me on Twitter to see how my NYC trip goes down. Wish me luck!

NYC Trip Essentials | Style Me Whimsy
1. Grid-It Organizer: Organizer for all my chargers and whatnot
2. Clare Vivier Fannypack: Hands free and tourist chic
3. Vapur Collapsible Water Bottle: How to get free water at the US Open
4. Holga Camera: You can actually get 120 film developed in NYC
5. Cuyana Panama Hat: Essential for tennis watching


A.P.C. vs. Uniqlo

I am planning on buying a few classic pieces during my New York City shopping trip. Having heard all the wonderful things about A.P.C. being true Parisian chic, it is obviously on my list of places to look, but the prices are beyond sticker shock. The utilitarian import Uniqlo from Japan carries many similar pieces at more shopping spree friendly prices.

A.P.C. vs. Uniqlo | Style Me Whimsy


Happy Friday!

I've been feeling a little uninspired lately, although I've still been pinning and now keeping. I'm trying not to stress myself out about my trip next week and definitely looking forward to some serious New York shopping. Sometimes I just need to remind myself that I'm already accomplishing things on my Mighty Life List and that we overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in our whole lives.
Here are a few links from the week:

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Federer v. Nadal always makes for a good day

Can't wait to go to this Utah Heritage Foundation tour tomorrow

I heart this idea for a manicure, hokey as it is

This Pineapple Mint Whiskey Sour looks intriguing

Love this tassel key chain from Clare Vivier

Adding a chiminea to my dream house wishlist

Georgia O'Keeffe's Hawaii, one of my favorite travel articles

(Untitled, William Eggleston | C. 1971-1974)


Interior Inspiration

I used to think that I loved mid-century modern. However, I have found that Pinterest not only allows you to track all your inspiration but also to hone your taste and pull together a collective vision, if you will. (I know I talk obsessively about Pinterest.) It's been interesting to see many of my favorite interiors are actually quite traditional, but remain modern through crisp whites and clean lines.

1, 2, 3


Happy Friday!

It's been a long week, but it's finally Friday. I can't wait for a relaxing weekend making waffles with my new Belgium waffle maker and working on my latest knitting project.
Here are a few links from the week:

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This Blueberry Cucumber Gimlet looks simple and refreshing for summer

36 Hours in Lecce, Italy via The New York Times

(Come Sail Away)


Interior Inspiration

I was going through one of my Pinterest folders and noticed these had duplicates.  I guess that's one way to know you really like it. . .

1, 2, 3, 4


August Resolutions

It's finally August and I can't wait to go to the US Open. To distract myself until the end of the month, I thought it might be nice to do a few projects like hanging hooks by my entry, printing a large scale photo on Kinko's large format blueprint printer, and maybe get started meditating with this 28-day meditation program from Yoga Journal. I also have a pretty hefty budget for some SoHo shopping, but I'll have to let you know how successful I am in the overwhelmingly busy stores of NYC!

Do you have any exciting plans for August?

August Resolutions | Style Me Whimsy