December Resolutions

It's already the end of the year and I can't wait to take some time off work to enjoy the season. Since switching jobs, my energy has been tapped and I haven't posted as regularly, but I take that as a good sign that my new job is more fulfilling than any previous work I've done.

Wishing you all happy holidays and a relaxing end to the year!

December Resolutions


Vegetable Soup | Susie Middleton

Susie Middleton gave some great tips about creating a vegetable soup in the September issue of Vegetarian Times. This is a little bit late, since the recipe is for late summer minestrone, but the method is perfection. (Open the images in a new tab to make them bigger.)

via Vegetarian Times September 2013


Autumn Curls

Obsessed with these voluminous curls, wildly chic.

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November Resolutions

This year has been a blur, it's amazing that it is already November. It's best not to be too ambitious during the holiday season, but I did splurge today and order a Minolta 7s on Ebay. (That site gets me into trouble!) I'm also looking forward to my sister hosting Thanksgiving for the first time and helping with some of the sides and desserts.

Do you love the holidays or dread the extra festivities?

November Resolutions


Holga Camera: NYC Trip

I thought it would be fun to experiment with an analog camera again. I haven't used one since I was a kid and am already nostalgic in my mid 20's for pre-digital cameras. Actually having to put an effort into deciding the subject and counting down the exposures left on the roll, carefully loading and unloading the camera, and having the film developed.  Society has become so dependent on instant technology. It's incredible how fast times change, now when I take pictures of my nieces and nephews they immediately ask to see the pictures.

I finally developed my roll of 120 from my August trip to New York. I only took one picture at the US Open and then on my last night I walked from the UN to midtown chasing the light. Only about half of the roll turned out, but I can't wait to shoot my next roll.


Back to the Small Pond

I am not continuing with my custom domain stylemewhimsy.com this year, so it's back to having Blogspot in the url. That's life. . .

Hope you'll still follow my inspirations here and at Pinterest.


Truman White House Renovations

Love these photos from Truman's renovation of the White House. For some reason I wasn't aware the White House was ever gutted. There were plans to tear down the whole building and start from scratch, but luckily congress decided to preserve the shell and remodel from the inside.
The decision to remodel was made when President Truman grew concerned after taken office in 1945, because he noticed drafts and creaking noises in the White House that were unsettling. But it wasn't until after he decided to add a balcony to the South Portico in 1948, that engineers found that the entire house was not structurally sound and construction was desperately needed. (Huffington Post)
Earliest known photograph of the White House, taken c. 1846


The Teddy Coat

Since seeing the teddy coat as a trend in Lucky magazine for fall, I've been keeping an eye out. It's glamorous, cozy, and a bit crazy lady, but color me obsessed.

Here are my favorites:


Moscow Mules

I love glassware, so a drink that literally specifies a copper mug is right up my alley. The only decision to make is whether to go classic or a bit more modern. . .

Which would you prefer for your Moscow Mule?

Moscow Mules


Happy Friday!

Thinking of checking out the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art this weekend. A little inspiration from wandering around a museum on a rainy day sounds pretty good right now.
Here are a few links from the week:

A playlist for your weekend

Justin Timberlake critiques Andy Roddick's epic dancing in Vegas

Tempted by Rachel Comey's Mars Boots, but in WhiskeyCaramel or Hueso

Interesting piece in The New Yorker about 'Privacy in an age of publicity'

Roger Federer's hilarious Twitter Q&A

Loving these L-shaped desks, here and here

Have you heard of Australian Lamington Cake, it sounds amazing. . .

Great, quick version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, INFJ through and through

8 things every happy woman should have

(image via Pinterest)


October Resolutions

It's been a stressful few weeks, I was offered a job by one of my firm's clients and couldn't pass the opportunity up. I've been slowly adjusting to all the changes, but I am spent. I think changing jobs might be worse than moving. The crisp fall weather has arrived here and I'm ready to have a relaxing autumn season.

Is there something that signals the changing seasons for you? Trader Joe's new arrivals are pretty much pumpkin everything, so I think the season is upon us.

October Resolutions


Monk Strap Loafers

I'd never really noticed double monk strap loafers until Lizzie Garrett Mettler of Tomboy Style mentioned last month that they would, like oxfords, be the next must-have menswear for women. Sure enough, J.Crew has a great new pair of monk strap loafers for 25% off and, of course, they're already backordered.

via Tomboy Style


Joie Spring 2014 RTW

The Joie Spring 2014 RTW collection, inspired by Serge Azria's recent trip to Ponza, an island off the Amalfi Coast, is the perfect simplicity we all crave in vacation mode. Simple, chic, and vintage Italiana.

via style.com


September Resolutions

My shopping spree didn't go all that well in New York, so I splurged and bought a new flatscreen television and a Breville Juicer. Now I get to rework my gallery wall, buy a few new prints, and gold leaf some frames. I'll also be heading to the Farmer's Market to stock up on end of summer produce and get juicing.

Do you feel inspired with the pending season change?

September Resolutions


New York Trip Essentials

My taxi is arriving in less than an hour so I can catch the red-eye to New York City. I'll be ready to hit the town early Thursday morning. In preparing for my trip, here are a few things I thought might be helpful. You can follow me on Twitter to see how my NYC trip goes down. Wish me luck!

NYC Trip Essentials | Style Me Whimsy
1. Grid-It Organizer: Organizer for all my chargers and whatnot
2. Clare Vivier Fannypack: Hands free and tourist chic
3. Vapur Collapsible Water Bottle: How to get free water at the US Open
4. Holga Camera: You can actually get 120 film developed in NYC
5. Cuyana Panama Hat: Essential for tennis watching


A.P.C. vs. Uniqlo

I am planning on buying a few classic pieces during my New York City shopping trip. Having heard all the wonderful things about A.P.C. being true Parisian chic, it is obviously on my list of places to look, but the prices are beyond sticker shock. The utilitarian import Uniqlo from Japan carries many similar pieces at more shopping spree friendly prices.

A.P.C. vs. Uniqlo | Style Me Whimsy


Happy Friday!

I've been feeling a little uninspired lately, although I've still been pinning and now keeping. I'm trying not to stress myself out about my trip next week and definitely looking forward to some serious New York shopping. Sometimes I just need to remind myself that I'm already accomplishing things on my Mighty Life List and that we overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in our whole lives.
Here are a few links from the week:

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Federer v. Nadal always makes for a good day

Can't wait to go to this Utah Heritage Foundation tour tomorrow

I heart this idea for a manicure, hokey as it is

This Pineapple Mint Whiskey Sour looks intriguing

Love this tassel key chain from Clare Vivier

Adding a chiminea to my dream house wishlist

Georgia O'Keeffe's Hawaii, one of my favorite travel articles

(Untitled, William Eggleston | C. 1971-1974)


Interior Inspiration

I used to think that I loved mid-century modern. However, I have found that Pinterest not only allows you to track all your inspiration but also to hone your taste and pull together a collective vision, if you will. (I know I talk obsessively about Pinterest.) It's been interesting to see many of my favorite interiors are actually quite traditional, but remain modern through crisp whites and clean lines.

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Happy Friday!

It's been a long week, but it's finally Friday. I can't wait for a relaxing weekend making waffles with my new Belgium waffle maker and working on my latest knitting project.
Here are a few links from the week:

A playlist for your weekend

Fluffy Vegan Coconut Oil Banana Muffins

8 Great Color Combinations via House Beautiful

From Walter White to Heisenberg in 30 clips | Breaking Bad starts Sunday!

This Blueberry Cucumber Gimlet looks simple and refreshing for summer

36 Hours in Lecce, Italy via The New York Times

(Come Sail Away)


Interior Inspiration

I was going through one of my Pinterest folders and noticed these had duplicates.  I guess that's one way to know you really like it. . .

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