Interior Inspiration: Thonet Chairs

I've recently noticed that many of my pins contain Thonet chairs.  The classic cafe chair was created by Michael Thonet in the 1859, who perfected bentwood designs.  It has been consistently produced for over 150 years.

I love their simplistic elegance and classic lines.  Le Corbusier said the chair had 'class' and I would definitely agree.

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Thonet chair sources: TON, DWR, ABC Home, Crate & Barrel


On My Radar No. 12

I love this boxy dress, it is cut to sweep the floor and yet can be dressed down easily -- a lovely, modern way to wear florals.

On My Radar No. 12


Iswas & Willbe on Etsy

I love the delicate details of the necklaces from Iswas & Willbe.


My Daily Uniform

I would love to have more variety in my wardrobe in the future, but for now it's stripes, stripes, and more stripes.  I tend to wear jeans, a t-shirt, and flats to dress it up.  But, I'm excited to be graduating from school, again, and hopefully expanding my wardrobe and dressing up more for work.

My Daily Uniform


The Vamoose

The Vamoose features amazing materials and delightful compositions.


Interior of the Week

Even though I'm a bit overwhelmed with IKEA furniture and need to scale back, I always find inspiration in their catalogs.  I love their furniture plans and use of textiles. 


(images from IKEA)


On My Radar No. 11

I love classics, from handbags to novels.  There is a kind of reassurance in classics, that people have vouched for them and that they won't disappoint you.  I love reading classic novels, including Austen and Hemingway, because of their connection to the past and the people that have loved them for years.  It can be exciting to be a trendsetter, but sometimes it's much easier to trust the classics.

On My Radar No. 11
1. Coach 'Willis' Bag  2. Saint James Minquiers III Tee  


Fabric & Handle

Beautiful bags, from structured totes to relaxed weekend bags, at Fabric & Handle.


Wind & Willow Home on Etsy

These wooden mini bowls from Wind & Willow Home are dipped in a soft, rubbery plastic -- perfect for knick knacks of any sort.



Interior of the Week

This inviting room, in architect Laura Gonzalez's homewas in an issue of Elle Decoration France.  I love the warm colors, wallpaper, chandelier, and Southwestern textiles.


On My Radar No. 10

It's always nice to have a little glam.  I hope you all have a relaxing weekend, I'll be catching up on some reading and maybe sneaking in some shopping;)

On My Radar No. 10
(1) Topshop Geo Lace Crop  (2) Kate Spade Dotz Earrings
(3) Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress  (4) Karen Walker Sunnies
(5) Dior Addict Lip Glow  (6) Rebecca Taylor Sandal


Terttulla on Etsy

The ceramics from Terttula on Etsy are lovely, with influence from Scandinavian, American mid-century, and Japanese design.  

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Back to Basics: Trench Coat

I've been looking at a lot of trench coats lately: the quality, fabric, style, and price. . .  They really are classic and add polish to any outfit, whether you go big with Burberry or small with H&M.  (I'm thinking quality with khaki and price with a brighter color.)

Ideas for a basic trench coat:


Interior of the Week

I love all the light in this bedroom; it is so energizing to have a room bathed in sunlight.  I certainly need the energy, I'm hoping to start practicing daily morning yoga this week and planning to buy a new tennis racquet today.  It's always nice when it feels like everything is coming together.  


Spring Wishlist

Even though allergies have been kicking my butt, I'm still glad it's starting to feel like springtime.  I've been crushing on statement necklaces, totes, bright cardigans, and awesome sauce tennis dresses. . .

Spring Wishlist



Terrain, a beautiful home and garden shop based in Pennsylvania, always has a lovely selection.  Aren't those heart measuring spoons adorable?

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Snapshot to Style No. 7

I watched this video about Tartine and their bread making process a week or so ago and I can't stop thinking about it, the beautiful techniques and the connection to making something so basic.  I would love to get their book and start making my own straight away.  (Although it's fun to go to bakeries, too!)

Snapshot to Style No. 7


Back to Basics: LBD

I'm trying to curate my closet, to have all the basics and a flexible wardrobe that is worth the money spent.  Sometimes it can be tempting to buy whatever is on clearance and lose focus on what can be functional and still aesthetically pleasing.

It's a well-known fact that every girl should have a little black dress.  They are always chic, sexy, and flattering. . . a true staple of any curated closet.

Ideas for a basic LBD: