On My Radar No. 20

Here's to a weekend filled with Wimbledon and somehow getting some errands done.

P.S. Weeds starts Sunday, will you be watching?

On My Radar No. 20



I'm still adjusting to my new work schedule and definitely needing more inspiration. . .

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Secret Holiday & Co.

For some reason, I've been thinking a lot about quilting lately.  These 'little quilts' from Ashley of Secret Holiday & Co. are bold, geometric, and youthful in all the right ways.



Wimbledon 2012

I'm so excited for Wimbledon to start next week.  Federer for the win!

Wimbledon 2012



Katie Diamond Jewelry

I love the delicate necklaces from Katie Diamond Jewelry, perfect for work.

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Eleventh Hour Blanket

I just started this Purl Bee pattern, in kelly green.  It is a really simple seed stitch pattern, but looks luxurious with thicker yarn doubled.  I can't wait to finish it!


Interior of the Week

I love the rustic, cozy feel of this Californian home.  It feels old world, yet modern and sophisticated.


On My Radar No. 19

Bright colors, good times, and fun patterns always lighten my mood.  It really is the simple pleasures that brighten the mundane.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

On My Radar No. 19



I've never really been a fan of candles.  But lately, I've been seeing them everywhere and reading about the benefits of such a simple luxury.  In The Happiness Project, Gretchen talked about hunting down the scent of a Jo Malone Orange Blossom candle at a party and promptly buying one for her office.

I've also heard that because scent is so powerful in recalling memories, it can be fun to take a new candle on a vacation and each time you light the candle at home you can be taken back to your trip.  I think that's such a lovely idea. 

Do you have any favorite candles?



Outfit Inspiration: Kendi Everyday

I love the simplicity of Kendi's outfits on her blog Kendi Everyday.  She also runs Bloom, an adorable clothing store in north Dallas, Texas.

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Chance is a lovely pop-up brand that captures basics in a new way.  Julia Leach started by updating the original model of the St. James Striped tee and manages to blend adventure with tradition beautifully.  Her totes and Turkish foutas lend the same reliability and style.

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Interior of the Week

I love how Emily Henderson's Lake House project turned out.  It's classic and clean-lined, but retains a sense of whimsy and charm.


On My Radar No. 18

I got the job I interviewed for last week!  Now I've been daydreaming of dangerous purchases that could become plausible with a steady income. . .

On My Radar No. 18


This Many Card

How sweet is this birthday card from W+K Goodness?  You get to fill in the appropriate amount of candles for the recipient.


Back to Basics: Midi/Maxi Skirt

There is something refreshingly easy about a skirt.  It adds fluidity to any outfit and can dress up an otherwise drab day.  They add a dose of whimsy to any wardrobe.

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Ideas for a skirt:




I stumbled onto Acrimony after a mention from Mariah on her blog Size Too Small.  I quickly fell in love with this summer dress from Stones, Lindsey Cummin's debut collection, which features chic basics with West Coast glamour.

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Guest Post: Oxford Stripes

When Arcadian Lighting offered a guest post for Interior of the Week, I thought it would be fun and refreshing to see a new perspective.  Thanks to Arcadian Lighting and be sure to check out their site.

Hello! I’m Joanna, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a terrific online source for lighting fixtures of all types, styles and finishes. I love writing about and sharing my love for interior design with blog readers, such as you. I'm so happy to be here visiting the lovely Style Me Whimsy. While the Oxford stripe is most popular for dress shirts, it can be found in tailored interiors like those below. I took liberties by including some décor that favored the look of Oxford cloth but isn’t necessarily woven the same. Traditionally, it is made in a basket weave structure which gives it a lustrous element. I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I did creating it!
Oxford Stripes
The fabric of these blue, gray and white striped chairs look as if they came right off the men’s dress shirt rack. Love the combination of big and little stripes.
Oxford Stripes
A pretty settee is dressed in a small Oxford-like stripe. The feather pillow plays up the blue shade while the yellow light fixture adds a bit of contrast.
Oxford Stripes
A coastal décor gets its own version of Oxford striping on two comfy slip covered chairs.
Oxford Stripes
Ralph Lauren is famous for his Oxford men’s dress shirts. This bed ensemble is part of his Oxford home collection.
Oxford Stripes
This set of Oxford striped sheets shows that there is a variety of colors and stripe widths available for the home.
Oxford Stripes
Another style of Oxford cloth bedding is shown here in cream, green and beige. This space has a masculine feel to it with the leather-like comforter and tailored skirting.
Oxford Stripes
A pink and white sofa piled high with Oxford stripe pillows in differing hues shows the owner's love of this casual fabric.
Oxford Stripes
A rug gives the appearance of Oxford striping in blue, gray and white. The different patterns of the room, such as checks, florals and stripes, work nicely together. I also love the unusual lighting fixture hanging from the center of the room. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 What do you think of Oxford stripes in home decor? Let us know! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for beautiful selection of chandeliers, wall lamps, and light fixtures for every room of your home!