Outfit Inspiration: Pencil Skirt

Wow, it's the last post of the year already.  This year has flown by.

As I try to assemble a wardrobe for my internship this spring, I find myself drawn to pencil skirts.  I'm not sure yet if it will work in the office, but I'm saving for a J.Crew No. 2 pencil skirt anyways...

Have a lovely New Year's Eve and thanks for reading, as always!

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Odette New York

I featured Odette New York's collection "the fells" previously.  A second look presented these lovely pieces; they are a great way to add some edge.

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Travel List: Lisbon

Portugal is oft overlooked when considering travel in Europe.  Lisbon has a laid-back charm and a Mediterranean atmosphere.  You can go sightseeing on the tram, relax at a cafe, take the Elevador de Santa Justa, and see both historic and modern architecture.
I can't imagine a better mix of a modern city, rustic countryside, and great food.  


Interior Inspiration: Tulip Tables

I think tulip tables are the bee's knees.

     "In a 1956 cover story in Time magazine, Eero Saarinen said he was designing a collection to                      clear up the slum of legs in the U.S. home." (DWR)

Saarinen's tables do just that; they have a streamlining effect and avoid visual clutter in the space.  They are so classic and can come in many variations.  Whether you get the real deal or a decent Ikea knock-off this table design is timeless.

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Sources for tulip tables: Knoll, DWR, Ebay, Ikea


Travel List: Belize

Can you believe it's already Christmas this Sunday?  I love spending a white Christmas with family in Utah, but just one year I want to spend Christmas somewhere warm.  I'm thinking Belize...

Belize has all the perks of Costa Rica at half the cost and with half the tourist: zip lining, coral reefs, Mayan ruins, and beautiful beaches.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Hound - Fall/Winter 2011

I love the femininity of Hound: great prints and a lovely palette...  What more could you ask for?

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These lovely soap dishes from Izola are so fun.  They would be great to hold jewelry or your keys when you get home.

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Edelweiss by Sarah - SS12

The dresses from the Spring/Summer collection of Edelweiss by Sarah are retro, modern perfection.

 via Miss Moss


Interior Inspiration: Libraries

I love the warmth that books bring to a house.  There is a definite fascination with books and the stories they hold; a person's collection of books can say so much about what makes them tick.

Modern libraries can be just about anywhere in a house: dining room, living room, bedrooms, or even hallways.  A collection of books can add depth to any space and instantly feel like home.

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Outfit Inspiration: Sweater over Button-up

Lately I've been loving the look of a sweater over an untucked button-up shirt.  It seems casual and yet dressed-up.  Very enigmatic, indeed.  

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Echo Scarves

I adore square scarves, they are so versatile.  These lovely scarves from Echo were featured in the January issue of Lucky.



I'm loving the retro vibe to these lovely shoes from Coclico.

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Loving this dresses.  The brand, Mango, is originally from Barcelona and is expanding rapidly in the US, currently thriving in California and Florida.


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