Etsy is such an additive site.  All the stores, it's mind boggling, I can literally find something to buy in less than 5 minutes.  This is a gorgeous shop, jkldesign, that sells prints.  I love how they're beautiful, yet unfinished.


Globe Collection

It's not really good to have collections, people tend to accumulate too many and friends and family tend to catch on and try to add too, but I'll risk it and say how much I like this globe collection I found on Apartment Therapy.  It's both practical, whimsical, and to be punny, worldy.


Tulle Coat

I went to Nordstrom Rack today to look for a coat and of course didn't leave empty handed.  As I looked through the racks of coats I became discouraged, I didn't find anything I liked and the things I did were still $100, but alas I came across a rack labeled Tulle.  I looked through the beautiful corduroy and wool coats I picked up three styles, one for $30, one for $40, and one for $50.  Why the range of prices?  I am not sure, but naturally as I tried them on it became apparent that the $50 coat was the winner.  A quick call to my mom for validation and I bought myself a new coat.  I left the store, ripped off the tags and put it on while I went to the DI, Barnes & Noble, and McDonald's for an iced coffee.  It is so adorable that I wore it to the dance concert at the University of Utah tonight too.

This is a picture of a similar coat, I couldn't fine my exact coat... mine is black, velvety corduroy and has different pockets, but it is the same shape.

Also, looking at their website for this picture has made me mildly obsessed with Tulle...


Boyfriend Jeans

I'm still a little unsure of this trend. I don't find it all that flattering and truth be told most of Salt Lake City has ignored the trend completely. But... alas I am still fascinated by the slouchy look. Here are two styles (7 For All Mankind and J. Crew) that seem to pull off a more sophisticated version of the trend.

Winter Woes

Oh winter, how I hate you... Just thinking about these cold winter months fast approaching makes my ears cold. Walking to and from the TRAX train to school and home can be torturous in winter, the icy sidewalks and the cold wind.
This hooded scarf from Ruche looks warm and inviting. It also looks friendlier to my hair than most hats.
Anything to make winter more tolerable is a plus for me.


Cocktail Dresses

Apparently I need a job that allows me to wear cocktail dresses. I love to peruse ShopBop for the cutest dresses. I've bought two dresses for weddings, but I definitely need more excuses for party dresses...