Happy Friday!

It's a three day weekend and everyone seems obsessed with planning something to do, well my plan is to make a batch of cold press coffee, catch up on some reading, and get ready for the premier of The Bachelorette.  Do you have plans this weekend or a plan of no plans like me?
Here are a few links from the week:

A playlist for your weekend

The real Roger Federer joined Twitter, but we all know Pseudo Fed is still awesome

Cranberry Fennel Refresher with Fennel Simple Syrup (obsessed with fennel)

DIY Starry Ceiling (ala Osborne & Little Coronata Star Wallpaper)

The joy of traveling alone: Yes, Please | Party of One

Dying to try Essie Clambake, apparently the go-to summer nail polish

15 cards that keep it real | Design Sponge

(via Rural Girl)


PysarArt on Etsy

I admire anyone with the tenacity to run an Etsy shop.  Yuri Pysar's ethereal paintings evoke the fleeting beauty of a dancer's movement.  Lovely indeed.

1, 2, 3, 4


Interior of the Week

It takes a special space to be simultaneously moody and bright, but this combination of glossy black and crisp white paint, wood tones, and muted gold is timeless.


Happy Friday!

This weekend I have two very different birthday parties to attend: one for a friend at a bar and club downtown and the other a luau for my 2-year old niece.  Weekends are the best.
Here are a few links from the week:

I would love to whip up a batch of palomas

Panama Hat is a summer must-have


Clare Vivier Fannypack

A bit obsessed with these bum bags from Clare Vivier.  I can already see myself traveling, wandering the US Open grounds this August, or exploring the Rose Bowl Flea Market looking ├╝ber chic with a fannypack, ha!
Which color would you pick?  This is a serious investment. . .

via Clare Vivier


Interior of the Week

I love the warmth the leather chairs bring to this modern space.

via Coco + Kelley


Happy Friday!

I can't believe it's already Friday, I had to check my calendar to be sure.  There is nothing worse than thinking it's Friday prematurely.  I've been watching a documentary on Netflix about Woody Allen, absolutely fascinating, endless creativity and work. . .  Did you know that the 'split screen' therapy session was actually a built set, so Woody and Diane could play off each other's timing?
Here are a few links from the week:

'At The Movies With Woody Allen' Playlist

Chalkboard marker on picture frames, the possibilities. . .

Vacation Idea: Lazy days in Oahu, Hawaii

Loving how well Haas is playing, even at Gulbis' expense

Excited for the release of She & Him: Volume 3, First Listen on NPR here

She & Him are also in the Red Butte Outdoor Concert Series line up this year, finally

(Image via Woody Allen: A Documentary)


May Resolutions

I finally made the lightbox from my April resolutions today, but better late than never.  The weather is finally warming up and that means postprandial walks and iced coffee. . .

May Resolutions