eRosasjewlery on Etsy

I love Elizabeth Rosas Jewlery.  It's so sculptural, yet simple.  I'm so enamored by the oxidized metal and the juxtapositions within each piece.


This Dress, these Shoes, and this Song...

Because I'm too excited for my trip to not do a California cliche. Also, who knew The Eagles were so annoyingly stingy with their licensing?


Dress: Twinkle, Crossing Paths Dress via Shopbop
Shoes: Seychelles, 'Get Outta Town' Sandals via Nordstrom
Song: The Eagles, "Hotel California"

Little break

Well, I kind of fell off the deep end for a few weeks there.  I just felt so uninspired and stressed out with school.  But I'm back and still trying to find my niche in blogging.

I'm going on a trip to Los Angeles next week!  I'm so excited I can barely make it through this last week of school before Spring Break.

pic via Oh Joy!