Favorite Book Suggestions

I realize this is a long shot, since my blog is still in its infancy, but if anyone could give suggestions on their all-time favorite books, it would be much appreciated.  I'm working on an art project and I need books for inspiration. 

Thanks in advance (especially to my sister and mom, my only readers.)

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  1. Anne of Green Gables of course, Enchanted April was great.

  2. I have a soft spot for young adult literature like the American Girls series (the original ones, haven't read the new ones). They're formulaic but puts in a different place and another perspective, and you really get to connect with the characters.
    I enjoy almost all young adult chapter books (Winkle in Time, Daddy Long Legs, The Giver, you can fill in several as well, there as so many!) I love looking at childrens' books because the good ones are so creative and have beautiful illustrations.
    The most recent book that I couldn't put down was The Lost Symbol, loved the art history in it as well, plus the suspense.
    As a teenager really liked A Separate Peace, a glimpse in the teenage boys' world.
    Rose Briar, Four Perfect Pebbles (juvenile, sad because it's about the Holocaust but enjoyed them). Also like stories that have redemption in them such as The Christmas Carol or even The Scarlet Letter (haven't read that forever though).
    All my favorites have these in common: historical fiction, can't put them down (finished them in days); and a whimsy that my life can't duplicate.
    Also, I also enjoy a few plays. I can read The Yellow Wallpaper over and over because it makes you believe one that (that she's normal) and in the end you realize she is indeed crazy (sorry if I spoiled that for you). Also enjoyed The Streetcar Named Desire. Self help books like Stop Worrying and Start Living because they have so much advice (although the examples are aged, the principles are still valid).
    I like books that explain history like Art and the French Commune and The Culture and Time and Space. Zen and the Art of the Motorcycle Maintenance taught me a lot.

  3. Sorry about the typos Pam. The book title near the end is The Culture of Time and Space. I think you can figure out the others depending on the context.

  4. I believe that The Yellow Wallpaper is just a short story. But The Crucible and The Death of a Salesman are good. And I've totally forgot about the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and well as his Poor Richard's Almanack.


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