10 Experiences to Give

Instead of gift guides this year, I thought it would be fun to think of 10 experiences to give.  Material things are great and this blog is mostly filled with them, but experiences create lasting memories, perfect to share for the holiday season.

1. Tickets to a Ballet or Show
Sometimes tickets to a nice ballet or play can be pricey, but the quality of the show and the experience usually outweigh the cost.  Seeing Broadway shows in NYC with my mom was a highlight of the trip.

2. Movie Date
I love seeing movies with my sister or my mom.  It's nice to spend some time together and you'll be able to discuss the movie while catching up.

3. Gift Certificate for a Class
A Tai Chi class, a jewelry making class, or a cooking class. Sign someone up for a class they have been meaning to take, or a skill they have been wanting to learn.  It's an easy way to show support; it's even better if you are able to take with them and share the experience.

4. Skydiving
If you have a friend with an adventurous spirit, there is nothing more exciting than leaping out of a plane, maybe a tandem dive to start though. . .

5. Dinner at a Nice Restaurant
There may be a foodie hiding in your budget-conscious friend.  A lot of people don't splurge on food and what better way to make memories than over a nice dinner.

6. Tickets to an Art Gallery
When a favorite artist or an interesting show comes to a nearby gallery, don't miss it.  Grab a friend and get some inspiration together.

7. Drybar
It's a definite splurge to pay for a good blowout, but the results are amazing and they get to pick from a menu that includes: the Straight Up, the Manhattan, the Cosmo, or the Mai Tai.  It would be a great pick-me-up.

8. Organize a Hike or Picnic
A lot of people like to get outdoors, but they don't like to do the planning.  A little research to find a good trail or taking the time to pack a picnic can make for a great day with friends or family.

9. Go to the Flea Market
Getting up early and making the trek to a flea market is not for the weak.  Gear up with a friend and find some treasures together.  My mom and I are definitely planning a trip to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena.

10. Weekend Trip
While long vacations can be luxurious, a short stay can be exhilarating  hop in the car, or snag cheap airfare and get away.  A quick trip allow for spontaneity and experiences are usually more fun when unplanned.

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  1. I love this! It seems that doing something brings a relationship closer.


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