These Things

I've missed blogging, but there are so many other mediums that are much easier for tracking inspirations [Pinterest] and goods to purchase [Keep]. However, I still wanted to pull together a little sneak into my stream of consciousness each week. So here are a few things occupying space in my mind:

These Things

+Rosehip Oil — After reading about Miranda Kerr using rosehip oil, I decided to grab a bottle and try it out. I plan to massage it in while my skin is still damp after bathing.

+Lisbon, Portugal — I've been loosely planning a trip to Spain/Portugal for next spring. This hostel was featured on Refinery29 and has further piqued my interest in Lisbon. I hear Portugal is magical with great beaches, food, and cities.

+Madewell Silk Paisley Picnic Dress — I've had my eye on this dress and picked it up on sale a couple of days ago for a wedding this Saturday in Laguna Beach. J is working as a videographer and I'm attempting to be his production assistant again...

+Tibi 'Denni' Loafers — After reading this article, I have developed a slight obsession. I need to find a pair to try on before my lust spirals out. (Also: how to style a mule loafer)

+Medicine Cabinets — I love peaking into people's medicine cabinets, whether on Instagram or in real life. I'm itching to move into a house next year and I'm obsessed with having a medicine cabinet of my own to 'curate'.

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