Happy Friday!

I can't believe it's already Friday, I had to check my calendar to be sure.  There is nothing worse than thinking it's Friday prematurely.  I've been watching a documentary on Netflix about Woody Allen, absolutely fascinating, endless creativity and work. . .  Did you know that the 'split screen' therapy session was actually a built set, so Woody and Diane could play off each other's timing?
Here are a few links from the week:

'At The Movies With Woody Allen' Playlist

Chalkboard marker on picture frames, the possibilities. . .

Vacation Idea: Lazy days in Oahu, Hawaii

Loving how well Haas is playing, even at Gulbis' expense

Excited for the release of She & Him: Volume 3, First Listen on NPR here

She & Him are also in the Red Butte Outdoor Concert Series line up this year, finally

(Image via Woody Allen: A Documentary)

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