Karlie Kloss' Chop

The 'Karlie' or 'Chop' has already been named the haircut of the year by The New York Times.  The swingy, one-length, lightly layered, banged bob is a modern update of “sexy sixties” icons Jane Birkin and Jean Shrimpton. The length, just south of her chin, give or take and inch, is universally flattering according to Garren Defazio, who chopped Karlie's hair for this Vogue article late last year.

Karlie Kloss Chop | Style Me WhimsyKarlie Kloss Chop | Style Me Whimsy

If you aren't ready to go quite that short, Alexa Chung's has been rocking her signature mid-length choppy cut for years. . .

Alexa Chung Mid-Length Chop | Style Me WhimsyAlexa Chung Mid-Length Chop | Style Me Whimsy
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