Although it isn't currently summer, I was reminded of a former idea.  My ideal library, which my dream house would of course have.  I remember summers of jerry-rigging a hammock to the porch column and fence pole and reading books for hours in a hammock.  Thus the idea of a hammock in my library.  Built-in white bookcases filled with the classics and the series of my childhood (Anne of Green Gables, Wizard of Oz, Emily of New Moon, and so forth), a built in hammock, and maybe a bay window with a bench.

One of the sites I've come across over my years of web browsing is The Hunger Site.  Whatever you buy on the site, a portion of the cost goes to good causes, like hunger causes or literacy.  It's also really cool because they have authentic goods from other countries, so it's not generic crap from China, which is always a plus.

So, here's a hammock I found on The Hunger Site that reminded me of my dream library and started this rambling blog.

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